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Getting Started

How do I pay for my task?

Clients pay for their bookings with their credit or debit card online directly through our application. The entire payment process, is handled securely through a payment gateway.

How do I reimburse my Nightasker for expenses?

Your task may require a service provider to purchase some items. Nightaskers can add expenses for reimbursement only after you pre-approved them, or providing with original

Manage Your Account

How to contact Nightask

We handle all customer support questions via email and live chat placed on our web site.

How do I reschedule or cancel a task?

To reschedule your task before 5pm the day before the service would help you to avoid any cancellation fee, please communicate with your Nightasker directly. To cancel, visit your account on our web or mobile app.

How much does it cost to cancel a task?

If you cancel or reschedule your task after 5pm the day before the service, you may incur a cancellation fee at one hourly rate. If you want to dispute a cancellation fee, please contact

Pricing & Policies

How to contact your Nightasker?

After booking a task you can message or call an allocated Nightasker via our mobile app. For privacy reason we hide all phone numbers.

How to use gift cards?

Purchased gift cards will be delivered to recipient’s email address instantly and can be applied to any of our services. Simply enter your code into the booking form and your final price will automatically change to reflect your discount.  

Trust & Safety

What is Nightask?

Nightask is a communications platform which connects clients and service providers. We do not offer licensed professional services.

Who are our service providers?

Our teams come from a wide variety of backgrounds and neighborhoods. Nightaskers are local entrepreneurs and independent contractors who work for themselves and are not employed by Nightask.

What is included in my invoice?

Within 24 hours after completion of a task, you will receive an invoice that shall include service provider’s hourly rates, Nightask’s service charge and VAT.