Using green products versus chemicals

by nightask - July 31, 2019

Whether you clean your home yourself or hire a cleaning service, at the end of the day you face the same question: How can you effectively clean your home without chemicals?

There are actually several wonderful alternative cleaners to chemical products, and we’ll go over a few of them with you in this article. Before we dive in, remember that chemicals can sanitize surfaces just as well as natural products.

The difference is that chemicals carry toxic molecules that are harmful to inhale and to come into contact with. This begs the question: why replace germs with something just as harmful?

The great thing about green products is that you can still remove all types of bacteria, you’re simply leaving out the toxins that come with most big brand cleaning products.

There are few products that you can use to help disinfect naturally:

Special microfiber cloths

There are several brands of microfiber cloth manufacturers who have invented microfiber that completely removes bacteria from surfaces just using water. The trick is in the super small microfibers, which are so tiny – as well as given their unique star shape – they are able to remove and retain germs by themselves. A few brands that sell these types of super microfiber cloths are Norwex, e-cloth, and Microfiber Wholesale.

Method Disinfectant Cleaner

Method is a natural brand that specializes in all types of natural disinfectants, from granite countertops products, wood floor products, and multi-use products. This will work well with any type of cloth, rag or paper towel that you have on hand. It’s even tough enough to sanitize the toilet. Plus – it just smells fantastic! You can choose from all types of scents, from peppermint to sour apple!

Vinegar and lemon essential oil

Both vinegar and lemon essential oil carry high levels of citric acid, which help attack and break down bacteria. Because vinegar has such a strong unpleasant smell, we would recommend mixing it with some peppermint essential oil to help create a more pleasant aroma.

While this option is both affordable and easy to make, we would advise to not using this on any wood surfaces, specifically wood floors. Because of the high citric-acid in vinegar and lemon, wood can be broken down and ruined if it comes in contact with it. However, areas such as sinks, countertops, showers, toilets and even windows are all safe.

Among natural disinfectants, there are also several other natural types of products that you can add to your home to help clean effectively:


BORAX comes from the mineral Hydrous sodium borate, and can be purchased in boxes at the store. The uses for BORAX are just about endless, and include:

  • Using for washing your laundry to add as a detergent booster
  • Use to scrub showers and bathtubs
  • Use to scrub the inside of toilets

Baking Soda

Baking soda is also comparable to BORAX in that it is a great natural scrub product and can also be used to help clean glass stovetops, the inside of ovens, and even help polish silverware.

We hope this gives you some ideas for cleaning naturally.