Tips for organizing a messy closet

by nightask - May 25, 2019

Your closet should be your comfort zone. When you are in your comfort zone, there must be an air of satisfaction around you. This must be a place that you will long for; a place that you will look forward to after a hectic day outside. What you will get out of your comfort zone will be determined by the organization that you put into it.  

The fact that your closet is messy is not due to the small space that you have at your disposal. If you are organized; you can transform a small space into a big football pitch. Here are tips that you can use to get the messy small closet transformed into a paradise that you will fall in love with: 

Get Rid Of Old Stuff 

There is stuff that you have not used for over a year. Sort them out and get rid of them. Why must they take pride of place in your closet when you do not need them? Re-claim back the space that they had been occupying. 

Hanging Organizers 

The space on the floor, as well as those on the walls that are within your reach, are meant to be utilized. In that messy small abode, you have only made use of space on the floor and the space on the walls are left empty. Bring in hanging organizers and you will get to know the beauty of what we are saying here. 

Inside of Your Door 

Do you know that you have space on the inside on your door? In so much as your door is not the sliding type, get hooks and have them attached to the inside of your door and get some items hanged there; you will free some space on the floor. 


You can make effective means of bins to put some items into storage. Buy storage bins and get all the items that are out of use inside the store. This is an effective way of making a way out of a very tight situation. 

Arrange Hanged Clothes Well 

When hanging your clothes on the hanger, there is a way that you do it that will give you the benefits of more space. Make sure the hanger and the clothing items are facing the same direction. That way, you will be able to make maximum advantage of the space prided by your hanger. 

Your Staggered Rag 

You can as well re-arrange your closet in such a way that you will get to staggered rag instead of one. With two staggered rags, you will get more space for your clothing items than what it was when you had only one rag. 

Improve Visibility 

When you can see clearly, then your chances of getting more organized will be enhanced. Get more lighting into your closet and you will be happy about that because you will see more clearly.  

Clear Bins 

There are some small accessories that will give you issues if you try to arrange them in your small space. Get clear bins and use them to store your small items. The ones that you must buy must be transparent enough for you to see what is enclosed inside. 

Get A Bin Under Your Bed 

Your shoes can make way into a bin which you can as well push under your bed. This way, you will make use of the empty space under your bed. 

Get Sturdy Hangers 

Since you are going to hang several items on your hanger; the model of your choice should be that is sturdy and can take the weight of your clothes without falling off the hanger.