Places most people forget to clean

by nightask - March 22, 2019

It might sound odd, but then it does happen to people and it is still happening. In as much as you are not a trained expert, there is a limit to how far you can get in your effort to clean up your home and its surroundings. Many people live with dirt today, not out of laziness on their part, it is solely due to ignorance. If you truly want to be on top of the situation throughout the year, then you have to look in all areas where the dirt might be hiding.

Washing Machine

When you get your clothes washed through the washing machine and after you put on the clothes you have an offensive odor coming out of your clothes; it is a signal that your washing machine is stinking dirty. There are various ways to carry out the process using baking soda to achieve excellent results. However, cleaning the more delicate areas in the corners and crevices of your machine will require expert hands. You can look up to the service provider mentioned above for creative handling of the process at a very competitive rate.


This is another item that people skip when they are considering items that are dirty and needed to be cleaned. Most of the curtain materials are washable and as such will not give you issues while you are carrying out the process. However, some curtains will require special cleaning instructions to get them clearly done. You can trust the pros of the business to effectively do this for you. Some curtains are ruined just after a single wash because the right washing detergent was not used in carrying out the cleaning exercise.

Door Frames

Another area of great concern is your door frame. The high points in your house are not visible to your guests, but then you must make efforts to get rid of the dust. You can effectively get the dust off your frame by making use of the feather duster or in the alternative, a soft cloth.


Your coffeemaker is also one of the items that are often overlooked during the process of cleaning. An avid coffee drinker should cultivate the attitude of making sure that he cleans his cup once on a daily basis. Run equal parts of water and vinegar through your coffeemaker to give it a deep clean. Then run only water through it to remove the odor of vinegar. It is mandatory to do this to decalcify the machine as well as prevent odors.

Ceiling Fan

When the blades of the ceiling fan are motionless; dust will accumulate on it. Use your pillow to effectively get out the accumulated dust on the blades of your fan.

Doorknobs, Handles, Light Switches

These items are touched severally in a single day. If care is not taken to look in the direction of carrying out an effective cleaning of it; then you will end up at the mercy of germs. The type of cleaning that we are talking about here can best be handled by the pros with proven records of service in the notch.


This can be described as the doctor who is in need of a physician. Your dishwasher is one of the cleaning items that you rely on to get your dish ready for use; after doing that for some period of time, it also needs the attention itself that will help it get rid of the dirt it has also accumulated over a long period of time.