How to remove stains from carpet

by nightask - March 18, 2019

When your carpet gets stained and you fail to take efforts to get the stain out immediately the carpet will be ruined by the stain. If you are the sophisticated type, what you will do is to yank it off and make another budget to get a replacement. You can avoid that manner of big spending if you take the appropriate step of getting your carpet cleaned immediately the stain appears on the carpet.

For the sake of effectiveness, carpets have been classified under two different categories; the synthetic fiber carpet and the natural fiber carpet. The approach to the cleaning of each of them differs from each other. Simply focus on the area that concerns you and you will be happy at the results that you will get on your carpet after the round of cleaning.

You can be sure of one thing; if you take to the tips that you are going to get shortly, the stain will definitely disappear and you will get the groove of your carpet back. Now let us look at the processes involved:

Synthetic-Fiber Carpets

Are you having a synthetic carpet in your home and you want to effectively get rid of the troubled stain on it? You have the solid solution delivered here:

(1) Apply a small quantity of solvent to a white cloth. Now, dab the cloth on the affected area repeatedly. Mind you, we are using a white cloth to ensure that the no dye from the cloth gets to stain your carpet after the cleaning exercise. Now press the cloth on the spot for a few seconds.
(2) After you are done with that, you must now rinse the dabbed surface of the carpet with a white cloth that has been soaked in lukewarm water. Using a colored towel will be counterproductive; so, use only a neutral color if we are to avoid the embarrassment of staining the carpet. Rinse by blotting with a white cloth soaked in lukewarm water.
(3) After you have done with the rinsing, you might still be seeing the telltale signs of the dirt on your carpet. Do not be agitated. Wait for one hour before taking the next step. You will observe some positive changes. There will be a change in the impact of the stain. If it only gets lighter, then repeat until you get back the beauty in your carpet.

Natural-Fiber Carpets

Now, let us look at the approach that you must take if your carpet is natural. It is necessary to keep to this schedule to avoid ruining your carpet after any removal effort.

(1) Simply apply a small amount of solvent to the white cloth and then use it to blot the stain on the carpet. Take note on the use of white cloth here as well. It is either white cloth or a neutral towel if we are to avoid staining the carpet during the process of removal of the stain.
(2) The next thing is to spray the stain with a detergent solution. Notice that we did not follow the heavy-duty approach that we used in the case of the synthetic carpet with this natural carpet. Though both are carpets they come in two differing textures. Take is easy with your natural carpet. After you have sprayed it, then move on to gently blot the carpet.
(3) Again, spray the stain with lukewarm water. Move on to blot it with a dry white cloth. The waiting period here again is not more than an hour. Observe your carpet after the period. If you are not comfortable with the results that you get to see; then repeat the process all over again step by step. Observe your carpet at the end of the step, if you are happy, then end the process.


What you have just read are the creative ways that you can use to remove the stains from your carpet and your carpet will regain its shine back from the ruins of the stain. Only go by the rules for the two categories of carpets that we have considered here.