How to remove pet odor

by nightask - March 14, 2019

The pet is an essential addition to every home. Hardly can you find a household in England that do not keep at least one of these pets. As lovely as these animals are, they tend to give issues even after all the training given to them on the use of their litter bins. Imagine the embarrassment when you come back from your place of work and you are greeted by a foul smell of a combination of both urine and feces of your pet combined together?

At the end of all the fuse and hell that you raised; you will fall back to one thing, cleaning the mess. How do you effectively get rid of the mess with little efforts on your part? You trust handyman cleaning service to do that for you much more efficiently. The process is divided into three; details now:

Removing The Urine
You must blot out the excess urine that still remains on your rug. If you are around when the incident happened; then you are advised to speedily carry out the mop up so that it will not go too deep into your rug. Make use of a dishcloth or an old bath towel of yours that you are longer using. Use a white towel or light-colored material if you do not want traces of color on your rug after the cleaning exercise.

In the alternative and better than the disused towel, you can use specialized carpet cleaner designed for taking care of pet urine. It has the ability to break down the chemicals in the dog’s urine thereby preventing offensive odors. You can apply a solution of one-part white vinegar and one-part water to the spots where the urine lay on the carpet. Now use a carpet cleaning device to draw out the moisture. Alternatively, you can use a disused towel to clean-up. Now, allow it to air dry before vacuuming the carpet.

If the mess created by your pet is solid, some of them are easy to remove and you can effectively do that with the aid of a plastic glove or paper towel. If the solid is a little messy, then you have to put in extra efforts to get rid of such. Use a piece of cardboard to carry out the first phase by scooping out as much as you can of the feces from the carpet. Mix a strong detergent in warm water. Ensure a perfect mix before applying it to the remaining part of the stain. Now apply a homemade concoction. Next, blot it, then air dry it before finally vacuuming it. Your carpet will be returned to normal ways.

This is the main issue; it is the reason why it appeared in the main topic of this article. After you have succeeded in removing both the solid and urine waste and you have vacuumed such dry; there are still worrisome issues that bother on the offensive odors that will be oozing out from your carpet after the removal of the liquid and solid wastes. The use of the pet odor comes in handy here.

For a more effective approach; sprinkle a generous amount of a strong cleaning substance that is not in use on the spots where you cleaned off the urine and feces of your pet. Every part of the stain must be covered generously if you want to get rid of the odor. Leave the covering on the carpet and let it remain overnight. Never to worry about the length of time because the product will ensure that it absorbs all the smell. By daybreak, you will realize that all the smell has gone to your huge relief. By the time you wake up in the morning, you will notice that the smell is completely gone. The product works by absorbing the odor from the carpet. You can now simply vacuum and you will get back the beauty of your carpet.

Those are the proven steps that you can take to get rid of the offensive odor from your carpet. Simply apply the tricks as we have discussed and you will not see any sign; nor the smell of the urine or feces after you have taken the steps above.