How to remove crayon from walls

by nightask - March 6, 2019

Everybody wants their kids to progress in life. When it is time for the little child to start playing with writing materials; to them every available space that they come across is a notebook. You will realize after some period in time that you have a mess of crayon writings on your wall that you have to deal with.

Definitely, you had tried several approaches that took your time and energy and at the end of all the efforts, you still did not recover the beauty of your wall back. Not to worry, what you are going to read below is the perfect solution that you will need to get rid of the stain. Let us now look at some of the approaches that are better done by the professionals in the notch:

Baking Soda And Water Paste

When you make a 50/50 paste of the two items above and you used it to scrub your wall, you will be amazed at the results that you are going to get at the end of the day. You will get the crayon out of your wall but you have the issue of taking care of the baking soda on your walls. You will get rid of it through the use of water to clean it off.

Excellent Erasers

This is yet another cleaning agent that you can trust to take care of the stains on your wall. Though the application of it has its own challenges, it really worked in producing the desired results.

Strong Cleanser

This is yet another means of getting rid of the stain on the wall that has proved effective over the years. Simply spray a little of it onto a folded paper and apply it on the mark on your wall. The results that you will get is definitely worth all the troubles. However, you have to condone the smell that comes with their use.


You can also use the power in the chemical Ammonia to get rid of the stubborn stains that are making you look uncomfortable at home. Allow the ammonia to sit for a while on your wall and you will succeed in getting the stubborn pains removed from your wall with effortless ease.

Some Potent Formulas

You are going to be surprised at the potency of this formula. This a formula that will only act on the crayon and leave the paint of your building intact. However, you have to cope with the oil residue that it will leave behind.

Dish Soap And Water

You can also make use of the power of dish soap and water to get rid of the stain on your wall. With a well-textured cloth dipped in the solution, you will achieve expected results that will wipe away the crayon off your walls.