How to properly clean hardwood floors

by nightask - March 10, 2019

The hardwood floor is one part of your apartment that is not easy to maintain but most people are not aware of this. They are very complicated and keeping them intact is something that is not easy to control. You will need the benefits of some facts if you truly desire to maintain it in a state that will make you proud. There are pros in the notch who know how best to go about giving advice and actually organizing a perfect floor that you will be proud of. Here are the creative ways through which you can maintain the allure of your hardwood floor:

Vacuuming The Surface

Make sure you vacuum the floor every week. A perfect vacuuming exercise will protect the finishing of the floor and bring out the beauty that comes with the floor. Remove the attachment with rotating brushes because it can cause harm to the hard floor during the process of vacuuming.

Furniture Polish And Hairs Spray

The furniture polish will give issues if when it comes into contact with your hardwood floor. In the same way, the hairspray will give cause harm on your floor. These things do happen and for those that do not pay the desired attention to it; they will end up watching their hardwood floor going to ruins.

When you have any of the above spills on your floor; take actions immediately before it degenerates into the bigger issues. The effects of any of them on the floor can cloud the finish of the surface. Wipe them off immediately off your floor with a damp cloth. If you want to make assurances doubly sure, then you have to wipe it off the floor using a non-ammonia window cleaner.

Avoid The Rain

Rainwater will ruin your hardwood floor. Do all within your powers to ensure that the rainwater has no contact with your hardwood floor. At the slightest sign of the rain, make sure your windows are closed to prevent rainwater from coming into the room. That aside, make sure that you put a tray under your potted plant and get rid of the water immediately the rains are over. Water has negative impacts on your floor, rainwater is acidic, it has damaging effects on your hardwood.

Removal Of Residue

When you have the problem of residues on your, extra care must be taken on the measure that you are going to adopt on its removal. The best approach is to use a no-wax wood floor cleaner. Get this chemical handy close by and apply it immediately you have the spill. Do not overdo things because it might be counterproductive at the end of the day.

Rules About Waxes And Restorers

People go online and get to know that these items are useful on the hardwood but they do not know how best to apply them on their hard floor. You are expected to know the rules very well before you use these items if you want to avoid telling the stories that touch the heart about your ruined hardwood floor. Here again, the question of professionalism comes up. There are pros whose business is to effectively take care of the cleaning. They understand the rules and are in the best position to take care of your hard floor.