How to clean your garbage disposal

by nightask - February 24, 2019

The garbage disposal unit in the kitchen is very wonderful additions to the kitchen appliance that helps to take care of the unwanted debris of food in the kitchen. Cleaning the garbage bin has posed issues in several homes. Though originally a cleaning item, they also need attention because some debris of food will simply hang on inside the garbage bin despite your efforts at washing it. You need to take steps that will ensure it is back in shape which we shall be discussing shortly below. Here are the steps that you can take:

Remove All Lodged Objects

First, unplug the device from the mains supply. Look at the machine and remove all the large objects that are lodged in the machine. Do not put your hands inside the machine. The blades are very sharp; if the machine runs while your fingers are inside, it will definitely cut you. Make sure it is disconnected from the mains supply before you dip in your hand. Even at that, let your movement inside the garbage to be slow and calculated. Any slip will give you a sharp cut on your fingers. You can best do this by using pliers and tongs to remove the unwanted object from the machine. 

Flush With Water

After you have removed the big lumps hanging inside the machine, you can now go on and flush the machine with water. This will help remove the loose debris inside the machine. Stop the machine. Add squirt dish soap into the hot water and run it for some time. Use hot water to get maximum results. If you decide to run ordinary tap water, then you will not get the desired results. You will not realize the expected purging if you go by the use of ordinary tap water. 

Ice Cubes And Salt

You will still have some tougher sleds that have gotten itself attached to the grinding elements of the garbage disposal. If you want to get rid of this stubborn debris, then you have to use a combination of ice cubes and salt. Pour two cups of ice into your garbage bin and follow it with a cup of rock salt. You can now turn on the garbage bin and allow cold water to run over it. Let the blades crush the ice and salt. Every hidden debris inside the machine will be flushed out. It has been established that the ice cubes are also instrumental to the sharpening of the blades. So apart from the removal of debris, the blades of the machine will get sharpened.  Alternatively, you can freeze vinegar in top cubes and run it alone inside the garbage to achieve the same results. You have to run hot water through the garbage after the cleaning so as to remove the odor of vinegar from the garbage disposal  

Scrubbing With An Old Tooth Brush 

Another effective way through which you can achieve expected results is through the use of scrubbing with an old cloth. This is a manual method that has proved useful over time. However, you have to be careful while you are manually removing the debris to avoid contact with the sharp blades of the garbage.  Therefore, to make assurances doubly sure; first remove the screen from the top of the drain; you will get a better allowance and a clear vision that you will need effectively remove the debris.