How to clean your blinds

by nightask - July 10, 2019

Blinds made from fabric, plastic, wood or aluminium can collect a lot of dust. Whether your blinds have actually acquired a couple of specks of dust or have a bigger layer of grime, it’s essential to keep them dirt-free.

Fabric blinds

Fabric roller blinds are a really practical option. Similar to with clothing, roller blinds typically have a little tag which information cleaning up direction. If your blind doesn’t have this tag then you might need to utilize your best judgment, by examining what your blind is made of and then looking into how to clean that type of product.

If your roller blind is made from plastic or vinyl it probably can stand up to water and cleaning chemicals, whereas if made from textile, for example, then it might need more care. If the blind cannot be cleaned then it will simply have to be spot cleaned up to eliminate visible spots.

If your roller blind is hung in a bathroom or kitchen then it is likely to be subjected to moisture and the periodic spillage. Even blinds in bedrooms or living areas will be exposed to dust and will need to be cleaned frequently.

For routine cleaning you will need to open your blind completely and gently clean the blind from the leading to the bottom utilizing a clean and damp fabric or shammy. This ought to remove most of dust, gunk and light spillages. If you have a persistent stain that won’t come out then you may have to use a stain cleaner. When doing this follow the directions carefully as if used incorrectly then you can discolour your blind.

Sometimes, usually every 6-12 month, you may wish to give your blind a more comprehensive clean. This is because area cleaning a blind will just clean the material, and there are other parts to the blind, including the headrail and cable system, which will draw in dust, dirt and grime too. Remove the blind from its brackets. Any metal elements might rust or take up if they end up being wet, plus often fabric is wound around cardboard tubes. So before going ahead, you will need to remove the material from the mechanism and surrounding rails.

Wood blinds

The most convenient way to keep wooden blinds clean is to dust them on a regular basis. As the surface area of the slats is smooth it’s a fairly easy task to clean them down with a cloth or reject the dust using a clean soft duster. Another excellent approach is to utilize a vacuum cleaner with a brush accessory.

Metal blinds are truly practical, however like any other surface, they do collect dust and spots. Regular cleaning will assist you in preserving your blind and keeping it looking its best. It’s truly simple and must only take a few minutes each week.

The only thing that is not advised is to wash these blinds. By that I indicate soaking them with water, since although these blinds are sealed, water and extreme wetness can trigger the slats to warp. You can utilize a wet fabric to wipe them over, just take care not to soak them.

Another useful suggestion is to put a pair of cotton gloves or perhaps an old pair of socks onto your hands and clean the slats in between your fingers. You can likewise use a small paintbrush to dust the slats.

Aluminium blinds

Unlike the wood blinds, you can utilize water and regular detergent on aluminium venetian blinds. The best way to do this is to tilt the blinds so that the slats are flat.

If the blinds are especially dirty, for example, if they are in the kitchen and have become very dusty and greasy over a period of time, you will require to take the blinds to clean them.

This can be done in two methods. The first approach is to take the blinds outside, weather permitting and hang them on a washing line or something similar. You will then require a pail with warm soapy water and a sponge.

Wipe the front of the blinds and back with the sponge till you have actually got all the dirt off them, bewaring not to scrub too tough and harm the slats.
As soon as you get all the dirt off you can then hose the blinds down and leave them to dry. As they are almost dry it is an excellent concept to clean them with a soft cloth or paper towel to absorb any excess water.

The second method is to fill the bathtub with sufficient warm soapy water to cover the blinds. If your bathtub is different from the shower, fill the tub with adequate tidy water to wash the blinds completely.

If you are ever in any doubt about cleaning your blinds then get in touch with the producer of the blinds for suggestions or assistance. As long as you follow these standards when cleaning your blinds or shades you should have clean and new looking blinds that will improve the decoration of your space for many years to come.