How to clean the inside of a fridge in one hour

by nightask - August 28, 2019

How to clean the inside of a fridge in one hour

No matter how bad your fridge is, you can quickly make it spotless within an hour just by following the steps below. Before starting, it’s important that you carry and use the right products and tools. Using the wrong ones will make the cleaning take longer.

The tools that we suggest have been proven time and time again to provide the best, quickest results:

  • Paint scraper tool
  • KrudKutter cleaning product
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Magic eraser
  • Toothbrush or small grout brush

Now that you have your tools, it is time to get started

Start from the top shelf first, and work your way down

You want to avoid just jumping in anywhere to clean. Always start from the top first and work your way down, one shelf at a time. Start with the ceiling of the fridge, move on to the back and sides, and finish with the top shelf, spraying the surfaces down with your KrudKutter product.

Time saver: Instead of moving all your food and condiments out of the fridge, simply group them into a pile and scoot them over to one half of the shelf. Wipe the exposed part of the shelf clean, then move the pile of items over to the clean side so you can clean the other.

Total time needed: 20 minutes.

Wipe out drawers

Some people like to take their drawers out and wash them in the sink or run them in the dishwasher, but this can take a long time. It’s okay to remove the food from the drawers and wipe them out with a disinfectant cloth. You can also pull the drawer out to wipe out spills underneath it.

Time saver: Vacuum all the excess crumbs in the fridge first before wiping. Air suction has an easier time removing excessive crumbs compared to a damp cloth.

Total time needed: 10 minutes.

Use hot water when cleaning the freezer

Use a bin of hot water to ring your cloth into. If the freezer is running (and it should be – you don’t want to turn it off causing your food to spoil) it will constantly freeze your cloth of you’re using cold water. A wet cloth wrung out in hot water will help you cut through the icey walls without your cloth sticking!

Time saver: If spills are particularly stubborn, use a wet magic eraser. These sponges are miracle workers for removing tough spots fast!

Total time needed: 15 minutes.

Use your toothbrush or grout brush to clean crevices

Make sure to remove any crumbs from the rubber lining on the door with your grout brush. You can also use your brush to scrub the bottom vent where dust and spills accumulate.

Time saver: Use a vacuum hose and an edge attachment to remove excessive dust and crumbs underneath your fridge and vents.

Total time needed: 15 minutes.