Best garage storage ideas for your home

by nightask - June 27, 2019

Years back, garages were only meant for cars. Now, only 33% of individuals have a clean garage in their homes to fit a car inside. Instead, it is used as stores and for hobbies. To know how to store things in the garage now becomes a big challenge to you. Therefore, you need some of the garage storage ideas.

Your garage requires to be decluttered before it can become organized. The garage might have been used to store many things over the years. To clean up and to sort these items now becomes a big work, and won’t of any benefit if things don’t stay tidy for long. Try out these tips.

Clean it out

Make out a day or weekend to properly get your garage decluttered. Go through all the stuff in your garage and sort them out into three piles: Sell out or donate them, keep, and throw out. Arrange your “keep” pile in a way that it will have categories like sports, camping gear, etc.

Plan your space out

Before you set anything back, make sure you plan on how to store the items. Have a measurement of your garage and draft out a floor plan. Store those items that you won’t often be using like seasonal decorations in a place that it will be hard to reach and make a space in front of the regularly used items.

Invest in storage helps. To have an organized garage, you must keep things off the floor. Install hooks, shelves, and overhead storage to keep your stuff neat and clean.

After you have made things clean, you will now be ready for the storage ideas. It can become challenging to find a way to keep everything in your garage in order. Below are some innovative ideas to get many functions out of your space as possible.

Overhead storage

The ceiling in the garage is a perfect place for storing flat items like ladders, so utilize them well. You can as well add hanging shelves to store seasonal items and camping gear. This is one of the ways to keep your things off the floor. Make sure your garage door has enough room to function before you hang the shelves from the ceiling.

Shelves instead of cabinets. Make use of a wire of wooden shelves instead of using cabinets. Declutter your garage with open shelves, it will make you see quickly all the items you have stored, and you can easily access them. In addition to it, cabinets need a clear space to enable doors to swing open, which seriously affects the useable space in your garage. You will become motivated to keep your things neat if there are no cabinet doors to hide them, so open shelves is a long-term garage planning idea.

Use a pegboard

Pegboards is accurate for hanging and planning regularly used things in the garage. Hooks and pegs are attached to the pegboard to make a display of something like hardware, hand tools, and gardening equipment. A pegboard storage system is very easy to rearrange and also sturdy. To get the most functions out of the wall in your garage, use as many pegs as possible, especially when you lack room for shelves.

Install slat wall

A slat wall system is a group of grooved panels attached to the wall. Different kinds of baskets, brackets, hooks, and shelves to the grooves can be attached, making the system super versatile. Slat wall is more affordable and easily adapted than the cabinets, and it also occupies less space.
Group similar items. Divide your shelves into several sections and assign each part to its group of items like maintenance tools, pet supplies, etc. Grouping your things makes it easy to be accessed and promotes a long-term organization.

Almost everything can be stored in your garage if properly arranged. Some things may require climate control and other kinds of protection, so you might need to check your garage always and also keep your items away from humidity and temperature before storage. Below are a list of things and the garage storage ideas to keep safely tucked away.

Storing motorcycles

Motorcycles can occupy a lot of space and easily get blocked by other things. The best way to safe-keep them is by hanging. This will keep it accessible, out of the way, and protected space, leaving more space for your car. Check out the tutorials from This Old House on the way to hang your bikes in your garage.

Storing kayaks

Make sure you keep your kayaks away from sunlight and heat before storage. You can create your suspension system using wide webbing straps or instead buy to suspend your kayak from the ceiling. Ensure you clean your kayak before you store, and keep the hull (bottom) of the kayak protected. The hull should always face up the ceiling whenever you hang your kayak in the garage.

Storing golf clubs

Ensure you clean your clubs and dry before storing them. Make sure your garage is climate-controlled before you store your golf club for a long time. If your club is sensitive to humidity and temperature, cold winter could cause some damage. If your garage is not affected by climate, you may want to keep your clubs covered and put it in a place where they won’t get knocked.

Storing garden tools

An effective planned system will keep your lawn tools in good shape and set. A vertical storage system is the best way to keep your tools in the best condition. Hang weed whackers, shovels, rakes, hoses, and other equipment on the wall with hooks or racks. Gardening workspace or potting bench can be placed in your garage by repurposing an old desk. Attach hooks and baskets to your workspace to hold some of the small gardening equipment and gloves.

Declutter your camping gear

Camping is one of the ways of having outdoor funs, but will become challenging to pack for a trip if your gear is spread all over the shelves in your garage. Storing your camping gear in totes is one of the best ways to keep them together and ready for usage in your next adventure. Fill the totes with items and label them, then arrange the small totes inside the ones with wheels. When the time of usage comes, you will roll your totes into the truck and be on your way. Ensure that you clean all your camping gear thoroughly after every trip you make to keep in good shape and condition, and it will save you from replacing it.