7 cleaning products your workplace or office should have

by nightask - August 7, 2019

Whether you’re a one-person show or have multiple people working on your team, making sure your office has the right products on hand can save you some guesswork on how to clean up your next mess. Before you try using the leftover napkins from lunch to dust your bookshelves, here’s a few handy products you can easily order online or buy at Walmart that will help make the job much quicker and easier!

Supply caddy

Supply caddies are essential for storing your products in, keeping them organized and neat so you don’t have to rummage through cabinets to find a particular cleaner. This will be where you put all of the following cleaning products and we recommend having at least two of these on site. One under the kitchen sink, and one under the receptionist desk, so that they’re easy to access in case someone makes a mess.

Paper towels

Paper towels can be used as your multi-purpose disposable cloths to assist with everything from spills cleanups, to cleaning the restrooms and bathrooms. We recommend getting the name brand kind, as they do better with soaking up coffee and other liquid spills!

Method multi-purpose spray

Method is a green company that offers natural disinfectants vs chemical ones. Because it’s green-based, it’s safe to use on all types of surfaces, including windows, furniture, stainless steel and even electronics. Have a bottle on hand to work with your paper towels in cleaning areas like the toilet, sink and faucets and desk areas.

Swiffer duster

Swiffer dusters are made with microfiber dusting heads that are amazing at removing dust from areas like furniture, light fixtures and even computer screens, which can be difficult to remove dust from due to the amount of static on the screen. We recommend these over the ostrich feather dusters, due to that fact that feather duster tends to remove dust by scooting it to another surface, vs. completely picking it up. You can also extend the swiffer duster to reach high places such as light fixtures or door frames, and they also work well on dusting window blinds.

Window squeegee

Window squeegee are amazing at cleaning windows quickly and effectively. You can purchase Method window spray to wet down glass, then swipe your squeegee in downward patterns to quickly make your office windows sparkling clean. Clean windows improve your workplace atmosphere quite a bit, and both your customers and teammates will appreciate it!

Cordless canister vacuum

You can usually find a good vacuum with any brand at an affordable amount. Cordless vacuums are easy and efficient for the office because you don’t have to worry about running out of room with your cord. They’re also lightweight making them easy to carry up steps, if your building has stairs.

Swiffer mop system

Swiffer also makes a variation of mop systems with disposable pads that you can keep on hand. These are great if your workplace has tile or laminate floor. You don’t have to use any spray or buckets of water, you simply attach a new swiffer pad to the mop head every time you want to mop, clean the tile, and then throw away the pad after you’re done.