5 sneaky items you may not be cleaning in your office

by nightask - September 11, 2019

5 sneaky items you may not be cleaning in your office

We’ve had many opportunities to talk with business owners and office administrators about their workplace cleaning. When it comes to keeping things clean, they’re pretty good at keeping areas tidy and looking good for the most part.

But the majority of people we talk with usually get the basics in their office – you know, stuff like vacuuming, emptying trash, a little vacuuming here and there. If this is all you’re doing for your office cleaning, you could be allowing more germs to thrive in your office.

In the checklist below, we’ve created the important list of top items that often get missed when someone is cleaning their office. Not only will adding these things to your cleaning routine help you reduce unwanted germs, but it will also impress your customers and clients who often see the little details that we as business owners miss:

Bugs in the fluorescent lights

As often as you need to, open your fluorescent light casings and vacuum out those dead moths and flies. This doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. All you need is a fold-out ladder high enough to reach the light casings. On both sides of the casings, there are two little levers that keep the casing closed. Carefully pulls those down to open the casing, and from there you can dust out all the dead bugs.

Wipe – not dust – furniture

It’s okay to dust regularly, but wiping surfaces with a damp cloth or paper towel help remove fingerprints, coffee spills and other less desirable eyesores that dusting won’t get. It also helps sanitize surfaces from germs that get spread around the workplace. Use method cleaner to spritz surfaces and wipe with you paper towel or damp cloth.

Window blinds

Let’s face it, window blinds and shutters aren’t the funnest items to clean, but they are notorious for collecting dust. There are few easy ways to tackle the job though:

– Use a vacuum brush attachment. Thankfully, office blinds are typically easier to clean than household ones. You’re primarily dealing with soft layers of dust, so even a good vacuuming of the blinds when they’re shut will do a great job at cleaning them.

– Use a swiffer duster (not a feather duster). Feather dusters have their place, but for the work environment, we would recommend using a swiffer duster to keep dust from entering the air. Swiffer duster heads are made of super micro-material which retains dust better. Close the blinds so they’re flat, and run your swiffer across the surface.

Sanitizing electronics.

This is a big one that gets missed a lot. Again, it’s very common for people to do a quick dusting on phones, keyboards, mouses, etc, but this doesn’t remove germs, and your personal electronics, especially the telephone, is a major hotspot for germs and bacteria to fester.

We recommend keeping the following products on hand for cleaning electronics:

– Clorox wipes. Use these to safely sanitize your smaller items: phones, headsets, keyboards, etc.

– Optics cloth. Optics cloths are silky, smooth cloths made with material that is safe on sensitive surfaces, such as glasses, camera lens, phone screens and computer screens. Keep a few of these handy to help clean your desktop screens, removing things like dust and fingerprints.

Interior kitchen appliances

Microwaves, refrigerators and coffee makers should be cleaned on the inside at least 1x per month. Most team members who are stretched for time with their normal tasks just don’t have availability to clean up after their messes, but even if you can assign a new person each week or once per month to do a quick cleaning, this will help tremendously. Bacteria and even viruses like E. Coli can eventually build up in appliances that aren’t cleaned, so be sure this makes it on your priority list!