5 handyman tricks to use in your home

by nightask - August 21, 2019

5 handyman tricks to use in your home

There are some things in your home to fix that just don’t require hiring a handyman to come out for. Whether you’re looking touch up your home for your sake, or are selling it and need to spruce things up a bit, we have the best handyman tricks for you to use on your next home improvement project!

Fixing nail holes in walls

Before you go buy a bunch of patchwork supplies, try this trick first. Take the back of a screwdriver handle and gently press it against the hole in the wall. When you take a nail out of the hole, it pulls the inward drywall with it, so when you push it back in with your screwdriver handle, it forces that outer drywall back into the hole, making the hole invisible!

Dealing with larger gaps in the wall

Some holes are bigger and require more creativity. Again, before buying the patchwork kit at the home improvement store, try this trick first.
If the hole is smaller than a dollar bill and nearer to the ground, take a solid electrical plate and screw it in over the hole to cover it up. A solid plate doesn’t have any outlet holes in it. This is a great temporary or long term fix, even when showing your home to potential buyers.

Stripped screw holes

If you’re having trouble repairing your cabinet doors because the screw holes are stripped, try this trick: take the ends of a couple of toothpicks and stuff them in the stripped hole. You can press them firmly using the end of a Phillips screwdriver. Then, take your cabinet door hinge and tighten your screw into the hole. The pieces of toothpicks act as wood replacement and do a nice job of firmly keeping the screws intact!

Warped door frames

If you live in an environment that experiences a lot of dryness, you may have noticed that sometimes it’s hard to close your door without a significant amount of pressure. This often happens because the door frames warp a little, causing the top of the door to press tightly again the frame.

But before you hire someone to replace your door frames, try this trick. Take 3 small nails, and place one of each under the door frame where the top of the door meets. Hammer them in one at a time. The nails compact the frame together and press it up closer to the house frame where it’s connected, giving your door space to shut. If you don’t like seeing three nails on your door frame, no problem. Simply take a little matching paint and cover the nail heads!

Wood floor scratches

We know some house cleaners that use this trick. Often times you can roll something like a vacuum across the wood floor, leaving an ugly scratch behind. Go to the home improvement store and purchase the wood restoration markers. They come in all types of colors, and can instantly camouflage a scratch back to the color of the floor!