10 best bathroom cleaning hacks

by nightask - July 17, 2019

Do you think taking good care of the bathroom is just a case of whizzing around with a sponge and dash of bathroom cleaner once a week? Well, you can put that aside if you are a neat freak with meticulous habits. But if your bathroom suffers the washing habit of the average family, it will need good attention. We have come up with bathroom cleaning hacks that are meant to help you in cleaning your bathroom properly, faster, and also in places that you might not have considered to clean. While we have tons of bathroom cleaning products, we will recommend them to our team and also bring alternatives to chemicals where necessary.

Clean and de-mist mirrors with shaving foam

Yes, you heard us. Making use of shaving foam to clean your mirrors will make them stop fogging when the bathroom becomes steamy. Spray it on, use kitchen roll in polishing it off and you will get a gleaming steam-free mirror for about two to three weeks (till it becomes splashed again).

Make the shower screen gleam with tea or oil

Window cleaner spray can be used to get the mirror shining, but if you like a natural alternative shine, dip a lint-free cloth into some black tea, rub it on the mirror and use a clean cloth to dry it. Alternatively, spray some cooking oil, allow it for 10 minutes and rinse it with soapy water before drying to shine. Both are good at cutting through grime and limescale build-up. We advise you to buy a squeegee and apply it on the screen after every shower – it takes about ten seconds, but it will mean that grime and limescale will never get the chance to build up in the first place.

Clean the toilet with bicarb and vinegar

Toilets can easily get disgusting, but if you are always on the look for alternatives to a chemical cleaner for toilets. Then give this a try: make a mixture of equal parts of bicarbonates of soda and white vinegar, pour it into the toilet. Use a toilet brush and push it into the space between the rims. Leave it for about 15 minutes and give it a good scrub and then flush.

Do it repeatedly until you get a sparkling toilet

If young boys are in the house or maybe elder ones too, using handy wipes to clean up the loo after every messy will cut down smells also. For a clean, make use wipes wrapped around a screwdriver to get into space beneath the body of the toilet that of the tank. Ensure that the wipes are not flushed even if it is flushable; since they haven’t be shown to be blocking drains.

Unblock a slow drain with indigestion tablets

Sink draining slowly? It is that it can be blocked with hairs over time and sometimes the best way to remove it is by using a drain snake. However, if you thought maybe it is razor gunk, toothpaste and soap that caused the block, you could do the worse by dropping four effervescent indigestion tablets down the drain followed by a cup of distilled vinegar. Allow it for 10 minutes, then follow up with boiling water. Should do the trick.

Make shower heads sparkle

Shower heads can quickly become blocked and dulled by limescale, especially in hard water areas. A clue might be that water does not come out of every jet; it comes out in a different direction. Or if the shower hasn’t been used for an extended period or doesn’t come out at all, then it will explode off the fitting. Quick, effective fix? Remove the shower head and put it inside a plastic container or bowl and cover it with distilled vinegar. Is the showerhead encrusted? Add a tablespoonful of bicarbonate of soda. You can protect the top of the bag with an elastic bag (use this method if the showerhead is fixed or you may remove it); this will also disguise the smell somehow. Leave for an hour, after that remove it and turn on the shower. The flow will start working again, and the shower head will be sparkling.

Clean the bath with grapefruit

We all know about an exfoliator for our faces or bodies during a bath, but what about the one for fittings? This is what is done when your bathroom is grimy: cut half grapefruit (other citrus fruit will be useful as well, but we consider the size of the grape), sprinkle the cut fruit and the bottom of the bath with salt, make the tub wet and then scrub with the grapefruit. Rinse thoroughly and have a shiny and pleasant smell in your bathroom.

Keep tile grout white with a toothbrush

There are many ways of cleaning grout. One of these ways is by spraying your shower area with a half bucket of water, half white vinegar and mix it as you get off the shower. The second option is to take bicarbonate of soda to it on a toothbrush, or you may use bicarbonate for bleach if you have it at hand. Allow it to soak for a while before you rinse.

Clean toilet brush

You have been cleaning your toilet as directed, what the brush? There are several ways of doing that. Firstly, after cleaning the loo, flush clean water over the brush to rinse properly. After that, close the seat and lid over the handle of the brush so that it will drip dry into the toilet bowl. By so doing, dirty water on the brush holder will be prevented. Finally, add bleach or white vinegar into the brush handle to keep the brush clean till the next time.

Clean the extractor fan

These get dusty and dirty, also, which implies they don’t work efficiently. It leads to an increased level of condensation and mold/mildew. If your vacuum extension nozzle can reach very high, make use of it otherwise a can of air spray (like you used to clean a keyboard) can clear the fan’s ducts so quick. All that is needed is a steady ladder.